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10 Must Have Patio Essentials for a Cool Dad

10 Must Have Patio Essentials for a Cool Dad

It's never too late in the summer to get that patio on point! Below is our list of essentials to help create a patio you'll love.

1.Water Feature

Imagine sitting on your patio and listening to the sound of water cascading down a waterfall or fountain. Sounds peaceful to us! Water features add an amazing & beautiful element to your patio that the whole family can enjoy. 

The above picture is of a water feature that is homemade using just rocks (large and small), a pump, pond liner, liner protector, and hose.

Find some fountains and waterfall equipment here.

2. Edison Bulbs

Late summer nights can be some of the most pleasant times to be outdoors on your patio. These industrial-looking Edison bulbs not only help create an awesome patio atmosphere, but they also allow you and the family to stay out longer in the nice cool summer air.

Find it here.

3. Patio Shade Sail

Shade is an important element for any patio - these shade sails allow you to find some comfort on your patio even during the hot summer months. If you have kids, you know the pains of trying to keep them out of the direct sunlight for long periods of time - help keep your kids protected from the sun!

Find it here.

Not an option to put in a shade sail? Then maybe you should consider our next item in number 4.

4. Big Patio Umbrella

Another shade alternative for when a shade sail isn't an option. These offer a little more flexibility to "move" your shade around on the patio.

Find it here.

5. Patio Couch with Room for Everyone

Comfy patio furniture can go a long way to set the "tone" of the patio. Having a nice outdoor couch is suuuuper pleasant not just for you and the family, but adds a great element for when you're hosting others. 

We can also testify it's a great place for a Sunday nap!

Find it here.

6. Fire Pit

Fire pits not only add a nice look to your patio, but they also allow you to enjoy your patio earlier and later in the season. Nothing quite like sitting by the fire on a nice brisk morning with a hot cup of coffee...

Find it here. Don't want gas? Plenty of wood fire pits available as well.

7. Bug Zapper

Everyone hates mosquitos, and we're pretty sure they serve no purpose on earth... Bug zappers can be a great way to minimize the number of mosquitos you deal with on the patio, especially later at night.

Find it here.

8. Pellet Grill/Smoker

We really like the pellet grills/smokers here at the Cool Dad Club. They offer great versatility in your outdoor cooking. You can grill burgers and other items just as quickly as you could on a propane grill, but you get awesome wood flavoring in the meat. You can else put the grill in smoking mode and smoke up a variety of different meats that you, the family, and your friends will keep you coming back for more. 

Find it here.

9.Bluetooth Speaker

What's a party on your patio without a little music?! We recently tested this JBL Bluetooth speaker and love it. Not only was it very affordable, it's super convenient and easy to use. Just place it where you want out of the way, and we guarantee you won't have trouble hearing quality music wherever you are on your patio - and in case we're wrong about that, you can easily sync another speaker to boost the volume.  

Find it here.

10. Patio Games

Giant 4 Connect in a Row

Everyone enjoys a good game - especially games that are JUMBO size. JUMBO games not only provide hours of entertainment, but they also look great on a patio and let people know you're all about having a good time.

Find it here.


We hope you enjoyed this list! Let us know what you think about these items, or if you have anything you think we should add to our list!

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