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15 Must Haves for a Cool Dad Man Cave

15 Must Haves for a Cool Dad Man Cave

Looking to add some features to your man cave? Every man cave is a unique reflection of the AWESOME DAD YOU ARE. Check out our list of Cool Dad man cave items! 

1. Custom Neon Sign

Neon signs are a staple in any cool man cave. This one is even customizable to your man cave's name!

Get it here.

2. Hook & Ring Game

Who knew a simple game of trying to land a ring on a hook could be so entertaining? Careful, it's easy to become addicted...

Get it here.

3. Basketball Game

Imagine all the places you could yell "KOBE!" from in your man cave?!?!

Get it here.

4. Lego Table

Remember all the legos you were saving from your childhood to "give to your kids when they get older?" Let's be honest with ourselves, the Cool Dad still enjoys legos just as much as any kid.

Get it here. Need to update your lego set? Check out this kit.

5.Bar Cart

Let's be honest - you probably don't have the time, space or money to build your own man cave bar. A cost-effective solution may be to just do a bar-cart. These look extremely sharp and offer great flexibility for a low-budget, low space man cave.

Get it here. Need a bar kit? Check this one out.

6. Giant Jenga

Large Tumbling Timbers with Carrying Case

Take this classic game to new heights in your man cave. This game has become increasingly popular among the "bar scene" and is a great game to have around for casual hangouts in the man cave.

Get it at the Cool Dad Club store here

7.Smart LED Color Bulbs

Lighting can definitely set the tone for any man cave - not only can you control these lights from your phone, but you can also choose the color of the light!

Get it here.

8. Kegerator

Imagine having your favorite beer on draft all the time. You're just one kegerator away from this reality. 

Get it here.

9. Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Soft serve ice cream anytime... Nuff said.

Get it here.

10. Bluetooth Jukebox 

Enjoy the flexibility of a bluetooth speaker, with the retro look of an old jukebox player. 

Get it here.

11. Sikk Mugs

Collection of German Steins

We're a big fan of the different and beautiful steins available at Sikk Mugs. These steins are authentic german made steins. If you've ever spent time in Germany, these will definitely take you back to your time there. Even if you've never been to Germany, chances are you can find a beautiful stein that you can be proud of. Whether you choose to drink out of these or use them as display pieces, you can bet they'll be a focal point of any man cave.

Get it here.

12. Poker Chips

A traditional man cave item is a good poker chip set so you can host poker night with the boys. 5 Diaper buy in.

Get it here.

13. Putt Putt

Practice your short game all year long with this 5' X 10' practice mat. Also, whoever loses the poker game first is going to need something to do. 

Get it here.

14. Grilled Cheese Toaster

For when you're feeling a bit hangry watching some late-night television. 

Get it here.

15. Game Table

The crown jewel of the man cave. This retro game table will allow for countless hours of fun and gaming. Challenge anyone who enters your man cave, or enjoy time gaming to yourself. 

Get it here.

Just for Fun: Nerf Guns and Hovering Target

Test your nerf skills from every corner of your man cave with this hovering target and nerf guns.

Get it here.


Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below! We're always looking for cool new man cave items!

All photos courtesy of Amazon.

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