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10 Must Have Patio Essentials for a Cool Dad

It's never too late in the summer to get that patio on point! Below...

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5 Books That Will Inspire You to Break Free From a Boring 9-5 Job

If you're an ENTREPRENEUR or looking to become one, then YOU NEED TO READ THESE BOOKS....

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20 Kids Toys Cool Dad Can't Stop Playing With

Let's face it, Cool Dad has a weakness: his kids' toys. Cool Dad feels...

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Cool Dad's Top 5 World War II Films

Having recently watched Greyhound, the Cool Dad Club was inspired to put together a list of...

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15 Must Haves for a Cool Dad Man Cave

Looking to add some features to your man cave? Every man cave is a...

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10 Amazon Products for a Cool Dad 4th of July

Pictured Above: Real life photo of Cool Dad prepping for the 4th.  Below is...

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